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  • A selective, post-emergence contact herbicide for the control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds in maize and cereals
  • EAMUs* have been granted for use on bulb onion, garlic, salad onion, shallot (EAMU 2400 of 2015), asparagus, leek (EAMU 2332 of 2015) and chives (EAMU 2331 of 2015). Users must be in possession of a copy of the EAMU prior to use. EAMUs can be obtained from 
  • The ‘extension of use’ is at all times done at the user’s choosing, and the commercial risk is entirely theirs.



*This extension of the authorised use provides for the use of Buctril in respect of crops and situations, other than those included on the product label. No efficacy or phytotoxicity data have been assessed and as such the ‘extension of use’ is at all times done at the user’s choosing, and the commercial risk is entirely theirs.  Users are required to be in possession of the relevant Extension of Use details.  Electronic copies of Extensions of Use can be obtained from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) website

Ioxynil comparison to bromoxynil


  • HRAC group C3 (nitrile) (Inhibition of photosynthesis at photosystem II)
  • Manifests as foliar chlorosis and necrosis
  • Similar weed spectrum, broadly similar selectivity
  • In onions, bromoxynil can be considered a more aggressive ioxynil
  • Octanoate ester is key for activity:

DO NOT assume 1g of bromoxynil a.i. in Buctril EC = 1g bromoxynil a.i. in bromoxynil SC

Efficacy and crop safety considerations with bromoxynil



  • Buctril very similar weed spectrum to Totril, but generally more aggressive than ioxynil (volume for volume) – so think about how you use it!
  • Buctril a little more aggressive than bromoxynil SC (volume for volume)
  • DO NOT swap between Buctril and bromoxynil SC by calculating rate of a.i.
  • Flexible application timings – Buctril has no earliest application limitation – it can be used up to 6 TL or 28 days before harvest
  • Use Buctril early in the critical early crop stages (even at higher doses)
  • Phytotoxicity was expected and observed on onion sets: caution!
  • Onion crops generally grow out of scorching with limited long term impac