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Further reason to use Betanal maxxPro in 2016

The particularly cold and wet March and April experienced this year has  resulted in the majority of drilling being later than it has been for many years across a range of soil types. As it eventually warms up this will mean that the beet will be growing more quickly than they have for many years as herbicides are being applied. To make the most of this rapid growth and get off to the best possible start it is important to select a herbicide that is kind to the crop to minimise any crop check. It is also important to make sure a highly effective herbicide is used to control weeds from the start of the programme.

Product profile

Betanal maxxPro’s patented OD formulation and Double-A technology gives you faster and more reliable weed control that consistently performs year on year, providing ultimate flexibility and maximum yields.

Key features

  • Optimal spreading, coverage and uptake of actives.
  • Micro-rate lenacil enhances herbicidal performance of the active substances.
  • Highly consistent control of a broad weed spectrum.
  • Wide application window.
  • Fast mixing times and flexible use.
  • Top class yields and return on investment.
  • Proven safety on sugar beet and fodder beet.
  • Lowest ETHO in the 3-way market for max flexibility in black-grass programmes.

Betanal maxxPro forms the Base of an Effective Residual Programme

What to do

  • 1st spray: apply 1.25 L/ha at cotyledon stage
  • 2nd - 3rd sprays: apply 1.5 L/ha from crop 2 true leaf stage
  • Always apply as fine quality spray in 80-200 L water/ha
  • Avoid spray drift onto susceptible plants
  • Tank-mix list available here
  • Avoid applications to crops suffering stress