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The problem

With what appears to be another mild winter behind us grass-weeds have continued to grow through December and January. Don’t be caught out by aggressively tillering black-grass by not finishing the job with an effective post-em treatment.

Reducing plant numbers now will not only help avoid considerable yield loss but crucially will also reduce black-grass seed return for your following crops.

Don’t forget!

Atlantis WG is much more than just the most effective black-grass post-em treatment. Atlantis WG also controls:

  • Wild-oat
  • Annual meadow-grass
  • Vol. OSR
  • Roush-stalked meadow-grass
  • Rye-grasses
  • Chickweed
  • Mayweeds

Key points for weed control with Atlantis WG in spring 2016

  • Apply as soon as possible but when black-grass starts actively growing to maximise efficacy.
  • Always apply Atlantis WG at 0.4 kg/ha with 1 L/ha biopower to a dry leaf, ensuring at least 2 hours before rainfall. Add a proven residual partner such as Liberator 0.3 L/ha if subsequent black-grass emergence is anticipated.
  • For the most consistent results apply Atlantis WG as a fine to medium spray in up to 200 L/ha of water, at the correct boom height for nozzles fitted and travel no faster than 12kph.

Black-grass control is rarely poor value for money

If just 12 plants/m² have survived autumn residual programmes you risk:

  • 5 – 15% yield loss
  • If each plant develops 10 tillers and each tiller has 100 seeds = 12,000 seeds returned to the seedbank
  • If 60% of these seeds are viable then the potential is for 7,200 plants/m² to control next season

If Atlantis WG controls:

  • 80% = 5,760 plants/m²
  • 60% = 4,320 plants/m²
  • 40% = 2,880 plants/m² you don’t have to control next year…..

Chart shows the benefit of post-em treatments, even on resistant strains

On really tough black-grass outright control from Atlantis WG can be variable. However, the real value which Atlantis WG brings in these situations is helping to reduce populations further after a pre-em has done a good job.