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Crop Advice & Expertise

Petersfield update March 2015

Visited the Petersfield Bayer Field Days wheat site today on a windy but sunny afternoon in Hampshire. I'm really pleased with how the site is looking so far - the plots were drilled into good conditions back in September and grew away really quickly from then on. 

There were some quite hard frosts in the back end of January and into February which had knocked growth back somewhat: but in the fullness of time this might be a blessing! 

Currently most of the varieties have 4-5 tillers and, like most wheat in the area, are carrying a degree of Septoria on the lower leaves.  

On the subject of disease; no signs of any of the other usual suspects yet and even on some of the more susceptible varieties like Solstice there is no yellow rust present.

Petersfield March 3
Petersfield March 2
Petersfield March 1