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Think before you tank-mix Atlantis WG


The formulations behind herbicides, fungicides and insecticides take years to perfect. Precise quantities of active substances, adjuvants, wetters and water conditioners ensure optimal performance.

Atlantis WG (mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron) is no different.

Since the discovery of the active substances mesosulfuron and iodosulfuron, Bayer CropScience has studied the chemicals’ reactions in painstaking detail. Over the years, formulations have been subject to thousands of trials.

Chief among these trials have been those that examine how the formulation performs under tank-mix conditions - and the results have been conclusive and consistent: tank-mixing Atlantis WG with anything other than its adjuvant, biopower, can result in reduced control of target weeds.

That percentage loss may be small - between 2 and 4% - but when translated into field-scale losses, in really difficult situations this can be the difference between acceptable levels of control and poor results

At a 2% drop in control, you’ll see an extra four plants remaining from a typical population of 200 plants/m2. Each of those plants can shed up to 6,000 seeds: that’s a potential return of 24,000 seeds. In these circumstances, you need to think – can I separate out these applications?

With the season racing ahead it’s easy to see how applications can get combined, so when this happens it’s important to identify those fields where the black-grass pressure is highest and wherever possible avoid tank-mixing to ensure the best possible control from Atlantis WG + biopower. If you need to tank-mix get the job done in other fields, where the risk is lower, make sure that you check Bayer’s tank-mix guidance sheet.

The black-grass experts at Bayer have identified those tank-mixes where the risk of reduced efficacy, or of crop damage is at its highest and these tank-mixes are not on the tank-mix sheet.