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Easy to open and foil-free: new caps for Bayer CropScience product

old cap Old caps
New caps New caps

New, easier-to-open caps - where possible without foil seals - will start appearing on Bayer CropScience products this autumn.

Reinforcing the usability, environmental and time-saving benefits of the new Smartline packaging launched in 2011, the latest cap design has a suregrip style that makes it easier to open.

“On farm, both design elements will save time,” says Paul Goddard, application and stewardship manager.

Keen to introduce foil-free seals since advances in technology made it possible, Mr Goddard says: “They are a significant improvement; foils seals can be tricky to open and can be a point-source of contamination of water.

“We strive to minimise the environmental impact of packaging at every point in the supply chain, from production through to use. The foil-free seals have proven to be user friendly, safe and secure in the market so every formulation that lends itself to foil-free seals has now been swapped over.”

In design and testing, 90% of growers found the new cap - which features wider gaps between the teeth - easier to grip and a ‘significant improvement’ on the previous design.

“Product that was packed before the changeover has still to work its way through distribution,” says Mr Goddard. “So for a while, growers are likely to see packaging with both designs coming onto farm."

New caps are compatible with Bayer cap spanners and rinsing tools, although the former should no longer be required. In all other respects, the Smartline packaging - offering easier pouring, emptying, rinsing and handling, plus measuring graduations and security features - remain the same.