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Treat grain stores proactively

Treat grain stores proactively - K-Obiol

At Cereals this year, Bayer reminded growers of the importance of protecting their stored grain at harvest, especially following the disappointing yields from last year.

Early predictions suggested that 70-80% of farmers still won’t have done their fabric of the building treatment by mid June. For this reason, Bayer took the opportunity at Cereals to promote the benefits of ensuring treatments are made well in advance of harvest, ahead of what could be another challenging year.

“Naturally a pro-active approach when preparing grain stores is required every year,“ explains Bayer’s National Account Manager for Rural Hygiene, Ken Black, “but the need is emphasised this year given the fact that yields were low last harvest.”

He maintains that good store hygiene and where required, an early treatment of the leading grain protection product K-Obiol® will ensure that the store is protected against any previous insect infestations or re-infestations later on in the season. “It should give growers peace of mind that they’re doing all they can to protect their valuable stored crops,” says Ken.

Representatives from Bayer were on hand throughout the Cereals event to discuss K-Obiol® with visitors, who were also be able to take home a free ‘K-Obiol® Product Guide’.

This new handbook offers detailed information about the different formulations and how they fit into a farmer’s ISM (Integrated Store Management) approach. The guide also highlights methods of best practice, and correct application rates for each of the product’s formulations.

Bayer’s K-Obiol® is formulated to control a range of stored crop insects, including grain weevils, flour beetles, grain borers, and saw-toothed grain beetles and flying insects too.

It is available in two modern pyrethroid formulations, both containing the active ingredient, deltamethrin. K-Obiol® EC25 has been formulated to treat the fabric of grain silos and storage facilities prior to the introduction of grain and is unique in that the product is approved for use on stores that are subsequently filled with oilseed rape. K-Obiol® EC25 can also be used as an admixture, post-harvest and will offer up to 12 months protection.

The second formulation; K-Obiol® ULV6 is also designed to be used as an admixture, post-harvest and is available in a ‘ready to use’ pack. The pack connects directly to application machinery, reducing the risk of application errors.

For more information about all of Bayer’s pest control solutions, including K-Obiol®, please visit: