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Top Questions To Our Technical Helpline - April 2013

Ian Cockram

At long last the cold, wet winter gave way to improved conditions for the weekend of April 20 / 21 and many farmers have taken the opportunity to spray their wheat with Atlantis WG to control grass weeds. Again the most commonly asked question this week is what interval needs to elapse before applying a T0 fungicide / pgr. To give the crop time to recover from any de-waxing, you need to leave 5-7 days either side of application for rolling, applying liquid fertiliser or spraying another agrochemical.

Many crops of wheat have not been sprayed with any herbicides at all, so farmers and advisers are being faced with a wide range of grass and broad-leaved weeds to control. A typical scenario would be grass weeds and broad-leaved weeds such as speedwells and cleavers. These are not easy to control with one application but in this type of situation growers could go with Atlantis WG + either Oxytril CM (0.75 – 1 L/ha) or Eagle (20 g/ha). Whichever broad-leaved weed product is not included in the first application can then be included with either the forthcoming T0 or T1 depending on the growth stage of the crop.

Judging by the calls coming into the office many growers have had to give up on crops which have suffered as a result of the adverse winter. Where agrochemical products have been applied to these crops farmers are looking at spring sown options of crops such as linseed, oilseed rape, maize etc. In some instances, these crops are not on the approved labels of products already applied. While this does not necessarily rule out planting these crops, please seek professional advice before proceeding.