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Meadow-grass options for spring 2013


Late drilling and wet weather has meant that many winter wheat crops did not recieve a residual herbicide last autumn in northern and western areas of the UK; areas where annual meadow grass and broad-leaved weeds are the main weed problem. Without this residual herbicide to start the weed control programme growers may be faced with a substantial weed burden this spring. Two options are still available this spring for growers to catch up with their programmes.

Liberator – is now approved for use up until 31st March or up to GS 22 of winter wheat or GS 23 of winter barley ( whichever is sooner) at a maximum rate of 0.3 L/ha. This will give residual as well as contact weed control which could be very useful on this season’s backward cereal crop. A range of other residual and contact herbicides can be tank mixed with Liberator to complete the weed spectrum if required.

Othello – does not have the residual activity of Liberator but is well established as the best product for tackling larger annual meadow-grass and broad-leaved weeds in winter wheat. It’s unique combination of mesosulfuron, iodosulfuron ( both SU herbicides ) and DFF combined with a sophisticated O’Desi liquid formulation, provides outstanding weed control.

For larger annual meadow-grass the 1 L /ha rate should be used and always tank-mixed with 1 L/ha biopower. To minimise the likelihood of crop damage in what is bound to be a difficult season, try and apply this mix without additional tank-mix partners; especially those that are known to increase the risk such as fungicides and PGRs.