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Judge For Yourself 2012

In a difficult growing season beset with torrential rain, low temperatures and barely a sight of the sun, 45 growers up and down the country valiantly carried out 58 split field trials at the T2 (flag leaf) spray timing to compare 1.0 L/ha Aviator235Xpro (prothioconazole + bixafen) with their best farm standard. This ranged from more traditional high dose epoxiconazole + pyraclostrobin (1/4 of trials), to new SDHIs such as Seguris (epoxiconazole + isopyrazam) (1/4 of trials) and Adexar (epoxiconazole + fluxapyroxad) (50% of trials). 1/4 of the Adexar and Seguris treatments were topped up with extra epoxiconazole.

Growers final yields were adjusted to 15% moisture.

Participants also supplied us with relevant farm input data, allowing us to analyse a multitude of variables which included:

  • Variety
  • Sowing date
  • Crop rotation
  • Soil type
  • Diseases and approximate levels present at the time of spray
  • Forward speeds/water volumes/nozzle types
  • Growth stage at time of application
  • Individual products and dose rates in the programme, as well as tank mix additions

But no significant trends relating to the above factors were identified, with Aviator235Xpro delivering benefits over competitors in the majority of situations.

All grower trials carried a significant level of Septoria, with around a 1/4 having rusts, 10% with mildew and less than 5% with eyespot.

Click here to see what some of the participating farmers thought of Aviator235Xpro this season:


1. Aviator235Xpro 1.0 L/ha vs azole + strob at T2 = 0.6t/ha yield advantage to Aviator235Xpro


These results compared favourably to our larger, 2012 mainly independent trials dataset of 37 replicated trials, giving an advantage to Aviator235Xpro of 0.8t/ha over an azole + strob T2, worth around £150/ha in extra profit (wheat at £190/t).

2. Aviator235Xpro 1.0 L/ha vs Seguris (0.8 - 1.25 L/ha) = 0.4t/ha yield advantage to Aviator235Xpro


Again, these results are identical to our larger independent and BCS datasets of 21 replicated trials, showing 0.4t/ha yield advantage to 1.0 L/ha Aviator235Xpro vs. 0.8 L/ha Seguris, worth an extra £76/ha extra profit.

3. Aviator253Xpro 1.0 L/ha vs Adexar (1.0 - 2.0 L/ha) = broadly similar performance, at a lower price/ha for Aviator235Xpro.


Once more the results were in line with our broader, largely independent, 2012 datasets which show that the approximate technical equivalence to 1.0 L/ha Aviator235Xpro is 1.25 L/ha Adexar. In 11 trials in 2012, 1.0 L/ha Aviator235Xpro even outperformed 1.5 L/ha Adexar by 0.1t/ha.

4. Aviator235Xpro vs all T2 farm standards in 2012


64% of farmers taking part in this year’s trials enjoyed a positive response, averaging an extra 0.5t/ha, from Aviator235Xpro vs. their farm standard of choice. 17% had a neutral response and only 19% got better results from their chosen standard.

Adexar is a trademark of BASF and contains epoxiconazole + fluxapyroxad
Seguris is a trademark of Syngenta and contains epoxiconazole + isopyrazam