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Get Spraying Right

Get Spraying Right

We recommend getting in early to treat black-grass with Atlantis WG™ (Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium + mesosulfuron-methyl). Particularly with early drilled crops that did not receive planned autumn herbicide programmes and where grass-weeds are already tillering.

Get Spraying Right diagram Get Spraying Right

But you still won’t achieve the best results if you don’t spray in exactly the right way. Here are our top tips for spraying Atlantis WG:

  • Spray grass-weeds when they are still small, this will help particularly where you suspect enhanced metabolism resistance.
  • Spray grass-weeds as soon as they green up and show active growth.  Don’t rely on soil temperature. It can be misleading, as grass-weeds can continue to grow at low soil temps.
  • Always apply Atlantis WG at 0.4 Kg/ha with 1.0 L/ha biopower® to a dry leaf ensuring sufficient time for it to dry (Allow a minimum of two hours in good drying conditions)
  • For most consistent results apply Atlantis WG as a fine to medium spray in 200 L of water
  • Maintain the correct boom height for the nozzles fitted and travel no faster than 12kph.
  • Avoid treating stressed crops (drought / water logging / frost / nutrient deficiency)
  • Pay particular attention to guidance on sequences with wheat bulb fly treatments (chlorpyrifos / dimethoate).

Applying Atlantis WG in reduced water rates down to 100 L can help with work rates and dose transfer but it can reduce coverage. 

If you do lower your water rates, please ensure that all other factors contribute to coverage are maximised.If further grass-weed germination is likely use the autumn tank mix list with residual partners into the early spring, otherwise apply Atlantis WG + biopower alone for best results.