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Meadow-grass control planning autumn

Tips to optimise/maximise grass-weed control this autumn

  • Use as many cultural methods as possible to reduce grass-weed numbers prior to crop establishment
  • Refer to HGCA guide ‘Managing Weeds in Arable Rotations’. Ask your local Bayer contact for a copy or go to www.hgca.comand click on publications

Apply the pre-emergence herbicide as a true pre-emergence application

  • Liberator works best as a true pre-emergence herbicide
  • Liberator has the flexibility to be used at early post-emergence as well
  • Aim to apply within 48 hours of drilling. DO NOT be tempted to wait for moisture to be present before
  • spraying
  • Removing weeds early with Liberator is still the most cost-effective option

Trials results have shown that 0.3 L/ha liberator applied pre-emergence will control meadow-grasses. However where a broad specturm of broad-leaved weeds are present, tank-mixes with other herbicides have been shown to improve their control (see below)

Othello – the reliable post-em option for meadow-grass control in winter wheat

If the pre- & early post-em. timings have been missed than a contact product such as Othello is the best option

Protect yield

• Leaving meadow-grass uncontrolled throughout the autumn saps yield

Gives you the best chance of the very best control

  • Small plants are easier to kill
  • Softer growth in the autumn allows better uptake of Othello
  • Control is better going into a cold period than coming out of a cold period

Only use recommended tank-mixes

  • Complicated tank-mixes can reduce Othello efficacy and increase risk of crop effects
  • Applying Othello in the autumn reduces demand for tank-mixing making the application more likely to give good control levels and stay crop safe