Best use of slug pellets in winter wheat

The Problem

  • Yield loss from slug damage in wheat is most likely to occur from seed hollowing before the crop emerges
  • Slugs can remain active in conditions where wheat seeds do not germinate quickly making seeds vulnerable for an extended period of time
  • Make sure you use the best protection and avoid having to make multiple applications
  • Except in very severe conditions leaf shredding damage to established crops is unlikely to cause economic yield loss

What to do

  • Identify fields and field areas at highest risk taking into account history and previous cropping (monitor stubbles for slug activity using traps baited with layers mash prior to drilling)
  • Treat vulnerable crops immediately if slugs are found in traps and/or conditions favour slug activity
  • Apply Draza® forte at 3.75kg/ha to the soil surface soon after drilling
  • Continue to monitor crops and apply suitable pellets if necessary according to risk and field conditions

Winter wheat - New best advice

(Test bait using chicken layers mash to determine risk level)

Winter wheat advice graph

 Draza forte

• High quality Wetex pellets work harder and last longer
• Remain effective even in cold and wet conditions
• Give consistent, reliable slug control every season
• Won’t let you down when you need them most

*Do not use metaldehyde if drains running or rainfall forecast

Better results from fewer applications

Effect of baits on crop stand in wheat

(% relative to untreated) 8th Nov 2010

Effects of baits graph

• Draza forte provides consistently high levels of slug control even under the most difficult conditions
• Long lasting pellets ensure seeds stay protected and avoids multiple applications

Trial carried out by Styloma research

Slug bait durability in WW and OSR

Slug bait durability in WW and OSR


  • Draza forte is a wet extruded durum wheat pellet and incldes a high quality binder making it more resistant to degradation and mould growth
  • Uniform pellet shape, size and weight promotes even spreading plus they resist damage from spinning disc spreaders

Mean of 6 Bayer CropScience trials autumn 2010

Moulding Resistance - After 7 days exposure

Mould resistance images