Best Use of Slug Pellets in Oilseed Rape

Slug on leaf

The Problem

  • Many OSR crops receive more than one application to establish and maintain an even plant stand but trials have shown this is not always necessary
  • OSR is most vulnerable to slug damage between germination and the 2 leaf stage when stems can be bitten through causing plant loss
  • When planning control programmes make sure you use the most effective slug pellet available at this critical timing

What to do

  • Identify fields and field areas at highest risk (monitor stubbles for slug activity using traps baited with layers mash prior to drilling)
  • Treat vulnerable crops immediately if conditions favour slug activity (trapping is not always a reliable guide to slug damage risk in OSR)
  • Apply Draza® forte at full rate (3.75kg/ha) just prior to emergence
  • Continue to monitor crops and apply a second application only if necessary according to risk and field conditions

Oilseed rape - New best advice

Oilseed rape new best advice

 Draza forte

  • High quality Wetex pellets work harder and last longer
  • Remain effective even in cold and wet conditions
  • Give consistent, reliable slug control every season
  • Won't let you down when you need them most

Slug control in WOSR 2009/10

Three site summary - ATTACKED PLANTS

Slug control in WOSR plants

 3x Bayer trials in autumn 2009, Applications in September, within a week of drilling Note: New 2010 recommendations are not to exceed 210g metaldehyde/ha 

  • To grow high yield potential OSR crops, aim to establish fewer plants/m2 in order to produce a more open canopy
  • Thinner crops often yield better, but need the best available slug protection to avoid patchiness or crop failure

Slug control in WOSR, 2009/10 pellet durability - mean of 2 trials

Slug control in WOSR pellet durability


  • Draza forte is a wet extruded durum wheat pellet and includes a high quality binder making it more resistant to degradation and mould growth
  • Uniform pellet shape, size and weight promotes even spreading plus they resist damage from spinning disc spreaders

Moulding resistance - after 7 days exposure

Mould resistance images