Septoria activity

Two trials run in the high pressure season of 2014, highlight the flexibility provided by Aviator235Xpro for Septoria control at T1.

Proline 0.55 L/ha + 1.0 L/ha CTL is still an effective T1 when applied in a well timed scenario, often giving a yield equal to Aviator235Xpro 1.0 L/ha. However in a delayed scenario or where no T0 has been applied, Aviator235Xpro with its additional bixafen is able to provide more curative Septoria control and provide a yield benefit over and above Proline + CTL.

Average of two independent trials in 2014; NIAB TAG and Velcourt.

Average untreated yield 8.8 t/ha, average Septoria pressure across untreated L1 +2 = 60%.