T1 Fungicides

Benefits of the T1 Spray: Minimise inoculum levels of Septoria, rusts and mildew in the canopy, maintain healthy stems in the main shoots and tillers by suppressing the stem base complex and reduce Fusarium inoculum ahead of the T3 timing.

To achieve this broad spectrum risk management and long-lasting protection apply a minimum 1.0 L/ha Aviator235Xpro (160g/ai prothioconazole + 75g/ai bixafen) + 1.0 L/ha Bravo (chlorothalonil).

Aviator eyespot graph for summary

Performance on Eyespot

2016 Eyespot work with SRUC and Field Arm shows Aviator<sup>235</sup><sub>Xpro</sub> 1.0 L/ha + Bravo 1.0 L/ha has the right components for Eyespot control. 

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T1 Aviator Septoria for summary

Performance on Septoria

Two trials run in the high pressure season of 2014, highlight the flexibility provided by Aviator for Septoria control at T1.


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