Time-lapse Video from Callow, Herefordshire

Through the spring and summer in 2014 Bayer CropScience placed cameras to monitor treated and untreated plots at our trials sites in Callow, Herefordshire and Oxon, Oxfordshire.

The cameras took a photograph, during daylight hours, every ten minutes throughout the time they were installed. These photos have been edited together into a video of the season which provides a fantastic insight into the return on investment of fungicides.

Callow had exceptional levels of Septoria, which was rampant in the untreated plots. Accross the varitey trials the average yield response to fungicides at the site was 7.23 t/ha. The video shows just how devastating Septoria can be when it goes unchecked. Whilst crops will rarely go untreated it does show the importance of timing fungicide applications correctly, especially leaf three where a poorly timed T1 could leave this unprotected for 3-4 weeks.

Callow Time-lapse video