Superior Crop Coverage

Showing crop coverage and drying characteristics of Aviator vs standards

Artificial leaf test systemArtificial leaf test system - source: SSAU

In 2011 spray coverage tests at Silsoe Spray Applications Unit (SSAU), Aviator235Xpro gave significantly higher coverage than all other T2 products tested due to the Leafshield formulation components.  Coverage with an AI nozzle was equivalent to or better than any other tested product with a flat fan nozzle. These studies were done with both real leaves, and also with artificial leaves which enabled very precise measurement.

Previous studies in 2010 with SSAU also showed exceptional coverage at low water volumes, faster forward speeds and even on dewed leaves. High coverage means less chance of disease escape, as well as uniform distribution in the leaf.

Example of coverage capacity of Aviator235Xpro compared to other SDHI co-formulations

Aviator crop coverage and drying