New standard rainfastness

In 2012 rainfastness was tested between just 2 and 10 mins with Silsoe Spray Applications Unit (SSAU). Leafshield competency was demonstrated with 10-15 times more active azole and SDHI dose being retained in the Aviator235Xpro formulation compared to its competitor, Adexar (epoxiconazole + fluxapyroxad) between 2 and 10 minutes before simulated rain.


This means you can capitalise on tight spray windows with Aviator235Xpro knowing your investment is protected even if it rains immediately after spraying.

  On dry leaves On misted ('dewed') leaves
Rainfastness after 1 min 75% 67%
Rainfastness after 2 min 100% 90%

Source: 2010 SSAU rainfastness study using Aviator235Xpro on WW as a model.  Bixafen recovery measured and compared to 5 min value.