Control of Flowering Diseases

Proline275 offers increased efficacy and persistance against Sclerotinia over other products at this timing.

It's superior light leaf spot control can prevent pod infection when used at this timing.  Apply 0.46 L/ha Proline275 at early to mid-flowering.  Follow up with 0.32 L/ha three weeks later if flowering continues.

If using a single spray approach apply 0.46 - 0.63 L/ha Proline275 at mid-flowering. A split spray approach has been shown to be the best, especially in high disease pressure situations or when flowering is prolonged. In a split spray approach the first spray will have the biggest impact on final yields, Proline275 has been shown to perform better at this timing than competitors. Where a single application is used, if flowering is prolonged, the crop will not be fully protected against later infections of Sclerotinia.