Phoma Control

A split application of Proline275 applied twice in the autumn has been shown to be the most effective product for control of Phoma. The HGCA AFD trials in the graph below show that Proline275 at 50-75% dose is the most effective product against Phoma.

AHDB fungicide performance trials show that Proline275 gives the best control of Phoma stem canker.

ADHB Phoma Fungicide Performance

AHDB fungicide performance in oilseed rape autumn 2014. Data averaged over eight trials  (2011-2014) with a range of canker severities

Proline 275and Folicur are trademarks of Bayer.  Proline275 contains prothioconazole. Folicur contains tebuconazole.

Refinzar contains penthiopyrad and picoxystrobin and is a registered trademark of DuPont

Poraz and Sunorg Pro are registered trademarks of BASF plc. Sunorg Pro contains metconazole. Poraz contains prochloraz.

Orius 20 EW is a registered trademark of Adama and contains tebuconazole .