Autumn disease control

How to use:

  • If the Phoma threshold is reached then apply 0.32 L/ha Proline275.
  • Apply 0.46 L/ha Proline275 in early to mid-November to protect against LLS if the threshold hasn't been met earlier. Rates up to 0.63 L/ha can be considered in areas where disease pressure is higher.
  • Monitor crops from early January using a lens and plastic bags to incubate leaves to help spot infection and be prepared to apply a further minimum of 0.32 L/ha Proline275 as soon as LLS is detected.
  • Varieties with a high Phoma resistance such as Harper and Fencer will help to correctly time the late autumn application of Proline275 .


Proline275 is the most robust and comprehensive autumn OSR fungicide. It is the leading product for the control of LLS and will also give excellent protection against Phoma