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Aphid control in brassicas and other field veg

When using FLiPPER for the control of aphids, timing of application is as important as method of application

Growers should aim to make applications at the first signs of pest infestation. It is imperative that you do not wait until the establishment of a homogenous pest population as this may result in poor control.

FLiPPER is a contact product that controls all stages of pests – nymphs as well as adults.

Delaying applications will risk contact being made only on the most exposed individuals in colonies and will lead to the ongoing development of those colonies unless multiple applications are made.

If FLiPPER is applied too late when the infestation has gathered pace, contact with the full population will be impossible.


Example aphid control programme

Low pest pressure situation

Begin foliar control programmes as soon as aphids appear in the crop and when the protection provided by any module treatment (if used) has run out.

Use FLiPPER at the first sign of infestation establishment for quick knock-down when crop structure is more open and aphids are more exposed to sprays. Aim to achieve complete spray coverage of the aphid population. This may require wetting of the upper AND under side of the leaves, depending on the development stage of the aphids. To achieve full coverage on dense crops, it comes down to spray technology, use appropriate equipment to penetrate the canopy. If needed, conduct a second application 7 days after the previous FLiPPER application, with a maximum of 3 applications per block. Use Movento for long-lasting protection in dense actively growing crops, when pests are hidden. Movento’s unique two-way systemicity effectively breaks the lifecycle of sucking pests hidden within the leaves and prevents their populations from growing.

FLiPPER can also be used at the end of the season to clean up the crop before harvest.



Why use FLiPPER against aphids?

  • Proven efficacy on numerous aphid species including resistant aphids
  • To replace or support conventional chemistry for resistance management, reduction of chemical residues or when other limitations apply. For example:
    • Early application to substitute conventional chemistry at low infestation pressure
    • To support slow acting systemic chemistry
    • In a programme with conventional chemistry to manage different modes of action
  • No PHI - can be used as a late application to substitute conventional chemistry when infestation restarts close to, or during, harvest
  • Fits well with IPM/ICM programmes due to it’s very low impact on beneficial insects and pollinators
  • Suitable for use in organic farming

Main crops/pests

Vegetable crops: Aphids gosspll, Myzus perslcae, Nasonovla rlbblsngrl, Brevlcoryne brasslcae


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