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Sonido – The innovative solution for controlling pests in maize

Sonido is a new seed treatment developed specifically for the reduction of early pest damage in maize

It gives good control of early pest damage by wireworms and frit fly when used on crops planted in good soil and weather conditions and with early vigour. Plus Sonido has an excellent environmental profile including beneficial insects.

Slug control

Draza forte is the slug pellet that we recommend for all-weather use.

Weed control

MaisTer WG is a new herbicide launched in 2014 for the control of a wide spectrum of grass and broad-leaved weeds in forage and grain maize.

Widely sold in Europe, MaisTer WG provides the UK maize grower with a new post-emergence herbicide giving the highest levels of weed control, crop safety and no restrictions on cropping in the year following use.