Designed for high performing barley crops

(active ingredients: prothioconazole + bixafen)

Siltra Xpro


When you want to push your barley crop to the limit for yield and quality premiums, SiltraXpro is the fungicide of choice.

When to use SiltraXpro:

SiltraXpro can be used at both T1 and T2 in winter and spring barley crops, or makes a perfect programme partner for Fandango (prothioconazole + fluoxastrobin).  When using as a split programme then SiltraXpro delivers most for your crop at T1 in winter barley and T2 in spring barley.

Net Blotch mediumNet Blotch
Rhynchosporium close up mediumRhynchosporium
Brown RustBrown Rust
Ramularia spotting mediumRamularia

How to use SiltraXpro:

In Winter Barley:

  • T1 (GS 29-31) - 0.6 - 0.8 L/ha SiltraXpro for control of all major barley diseases particularly on higher yielding potential crops and where disease pressure is elevated.  In winter barley this is the most responsive time for fungicide applications as final yield is driven by tiller survival so if you only plan to use SiltraXpro once in your programme this is the timing to do so
  • T2 - 0.4 - 0.6 L/ha SiltraXpro in high yield potential situations, or if you are faced with high late season disease pressure, especially net blotch or Ramularia.  Consider the higher rate in Scotland where the period of green canopy is extended.

 In Spring Barley:

  • T1 - 0.4 L/ha SiltraXpro in high yield potential situations where soil moisture is less of a limiting factor, soils are particularly fertile or where early season disease pressure is high
  • T2 - 0.4 - 0.8 L/ha SiltraXpro for higher yielding crops or where late season disease pressure is high.  Use higher rates for high pressure Ramularia sites where the growing season is extended eg Scotland

Benefits of SiltraXpro:

It combines the best azole for barley disease control, prothioconazole, with new generation SDHI bixafen to form the new standard for Rhynchosporium, net blotch, brown rust and Ramularia control. Since its introduction SiltraXpro has set the standard for barley disease control, with AHDB fungicide performance trials consistently showing that SiltraXpro gives the best  control against all barley diseases.

SiltraXpro delivers exceptional crop health and crop greening benefits for optimum grain quality, it is fully accepted by MAGB and the BBPA for use on malting crops.