Potato tube treatment stewardship

Potato growers have over the years become familiar with product stewardship programmes. These have shown to optimise efficiency while ensuring any impact on the environment is minimal.



Our Monceren products are formulated as powders for tuber treatment. They are the market leading tuber treatments for the control of Rhizoctonia solani (Black scurf) and offer the maximum in treatment flexibility for the professional potato grower.

Although Monceren is classified as not dangerous to game, wild birds or animals, it is still important to minimise impact for the operator and the environment. As with all crop protection products, good stewardship of the product will help to protect the environment and makes good sense for your business. For it to work it must be on the target.


The following guidelines are a measure of best practice:

  • Always read the product label before use
  • Wear the appropriate protective clothing when treating seed
  • Dispose of used product packs in a safe way
  • If bulk boxes are used for treated seed they must not be used for the harvested crop. Better still use and on-planter applicator
  • Ensured that any spilt or uncovered treated tubers are cleared up or buried immediately
  • Don't apply to damaged or cut tubers
  • Don't feed treated tubers to humans or animals

Team Sprayers powder application and calibration demo

A demonstration video of best practice for the application of Bayer powder treatment through Team Sprayers on planter applicator with a Digimon control can be viewed here.