Precision is everything in seed treatment, particularly since modern treatments are increasingly sophisticated. When you’re the only crop protection company to manufacture its own specialist seed treatment application machines, this comes naturally.


The treatment

Learn how Bayer SureStart helps processors achieve incredible accuracy during seed treatment

By producing our own machines, we’re able to apply technology and expertise to treat seeds to the same tolerances as in pharmaceuticals. Moreover, we provide exact loading across a wide range of seed types.

For growers this means consistent, predictable results. For treaters it’s easier to schedule seed through their plant during the busiest times of the year.

The secrets of precision

How do we achieve such accuracy? Through:

  • Advanced pumps, valves and digital flow meters
  • Electronic touch-screen control and pre-set programming
  • Drum technology that typically processes 125 kilos of seed in just eight seconds, covers seeds evenly and uses every last drop of valuable treatment
  • Special micromatic connectors that minimise operator exposure

Lower and lower

With all this care, it’s little wonder we can produce treatments down to 0.5 litres/tonne of seed – enough to protect more than 5 ha – and capture all vital data about every treated batch.