Getting the best out of Sunder

Sunder is our new hybrid spring oilseed rape with exceptional oil content

Yield components
Gross output 100% High
Seed yield 99% High
Oil % 45.8% Very High
Glucosinolate content 10.6μmol Very low
Regional suitability National
Soil types No differences known
Sowing date Mid-March - mid-April
Sowing method No differences known
Harvest method Desiccation or swathing
Variety characteristics      
Early vigour low table 4 dots high
Earliness of flowering late early
Earliness of maturity late table 4 dots early
Plant height tall short
Lodging resistance low table 4 dots high

Ease of management

Sunder is relatively short, with vigorous early growth, a long flowering period and medium maturity date.

Sunder is a slightly shorter plant-type than other InVigor spring hybrids, and has strong scores for stem stiffness and lodging resistance. It flowers early and benefits from medium maturity allowing the full development of its high oil content before a

reasonably timed harvest.

Red = Low: 1–4 Orange = Medium: 5–6 Green =  High 7–9


Higher scores reflect that the variety shows the characteristic to a higher degree. Data extracted from AHDB DL 2018/19

Performance and income

Sunder has exceptional oil content which will deliver a significant oil bonus.


Data extracted from AHDB DL 2018/19. * Based on DL gross output and a grain price of £300.50/t.

Sunder is available exclusively from United Oilseeds

Where to buy our seed

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