Spring Oilseed Rape: Seed

A shift away from tight, high input/high output rotations towards more spring cropping could open up new opportunities for spring break crops in 2018, and in particular spring oilseed rape (SOSR). If you compare SOSR financially against other spring break crops, such as linseed and beans, it’s on a par. And with improved hybrid varieties offering significant advances in vigour, seed yield and oil contents over older varieties together with improved commodity prices, the crop deserves careful consideration this spring. It is an excellent entry for wheat, as it improves the soil structure and leaves behind residual nutrition.

The key to the crop is successful establishment. With SOSR you need to have the confidence that you’ll be able to establish the crop well, so the key is to think about and confront the potential issues early, and make sure you employ the best possible approach when it comes to establishment.

Vigour plays a key role in ensuring the crop is competitive enough to cope with pest and weed pressures so selection of an InVigor hybrid variety which will get up and away quickly and provide a greater resilience to tough conditions later on is essential. Likewise, selecting a variety with high oil content will help growers maximise income from oil.