Getting the best out of InVigor 1020

InV1020 is a high yielding hybrid winter oilseed rape with strong autumn vigour and excellent oil content.

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View all the facts and statistics for InVigor 1020, and see how its performance compares to other varieties in the same class


Yield components
Gross output 102% High
Seed yield 102% High
Oil % 46.5% Very High
Glucosinolate content 11.9μmol Low
Regional suitability National
Soil types No differences known
Sowing date Mid-late (strong late establishment)
Sowing method No differences known
Harvest method Desiccation or swathing
Variety characteristics      
Autumn vigour low table 5 dots high
Winter hardiness
low table 3 dots high
Flowering late table 3 dots early
Maturity late table 3 dots early
Plant height
late table 3 dots short
Lodging resistance  low  
table 5 dots
Disease resistance
Phoma stem canker
late table 3 dots short
Light leaf spot
late table 3 dots short
Response to fungicides
late table 3 dots short

InV1020 data from NL 2 summary 2014/15


InV1020 shows strong early and vigorous autumn growth; a desirable attribute for growers looking to mitigate risks in establishment.

It is suitable for sowing from mid-August to late September. Establishment will depend on conditions at planting but InV1020 is able to have its boundaries pushed a bit e.g. later drilling or harsher conditions. 

InVigor 1020 EstablishmentBayer small plot trial, Cambridgeshire 19 Oct 2016 (sown 31 August 2016)

Ease of management 

InVigor 1020 Management

Higher scores reflect that the variety shows the characteristic to a higher degree. Data extracted from AHDB RL 2017/18 (E/W). InV1020 from NL summary 2014/15.

InV1020 is suitable for all regions but tends to give a slightly higher gross output in the E/W.

Its autumn and spring vigour is similar to Fencer, with equivalent excellent lodging resistance and medium-early maturity. Phoma stem canker resistance is based on a combination of single and multigene resistance, which together with a good level of resistance to LLS will give good genetic backup to the fungicide programme.

Performance and income

InV1020 has shown consistently good performance in trials.

With oil content which is amongst the best available, the potential oil bonus per hectare is high and the combined income from seed yield and oil compares favourably to competitors. This, together with its positive agronomic package and autumn vigour makes it an attractive option for growers wishing to maximise output.

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