Getting the best out of Dodger

Dodger is a high output spring oilseed rape hybrid with vigorous growth for rapid establishment

Yield components
Gross output 102% Very high
Seed yield 101% Very high
Oil % 45.2% Very High
Glucosinolate content 15.2μmol Medium
Regional suitability National
Soil types No differences known
Sowing date Mid-March - mid-April
Sowing method No differences known
Harvest method Desiccation or swathing
Variety characteristics      
Early vigour low table 4 dots high
Earliness of flowering early table 4 dots late
Earliness of maturity early table 4 dots late
Plant height tall table 3 dots short
Lodging resistance low table 4 dots high

Ease of management

Dodger combines a higher biomass characteristic than the earliest types which helps yield production; it flowers early and benefits from medium maturity allowing the full development of its high oil content before a reasonably timed harvest. First listed in 2014, Dodger has shown consistent performance in official trials and on-farm.

Red = Low: 1–4 Orange = Medium: 5–6 Green =  High 7–9


Higher scores reflect that the variety shows the characteristic to a higher degree. Data extracted from AHDB DL 2018/19.

Performance & income

Dodger delivers very high returns through a combination of high yield plus oil bonus.

Data extracted from AHDB DL 2018/19. * Based on DL gross output and a grain price of £300.50/t.

Where to buy our seed

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