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Emesto Prime DS

For the control of black scurf (Rhizoctonia solani) on daughter tubers and some reduction of stem and stolon canker (also Rhizoctonia solani) in potatoes.

The improved tuber treatment

Emesto Prime has been shown to increase yields and minimise the risk of Rhizoctonia solani attack. It promotes rapid emergence, stronger plants with greater vitality, an increased final crop stand and improved tuber size distribution.

Higher yields, less disease and better growth

Emesto Prime delivers the highest marketable yield of all tuber treatments through the best control of black scurf. With crops at increased risk of black scurf due to protracted senescence, Emesto Prime will help keep daughter tubers clean of disease through to the end of the season.

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What is Emesto Prime?

A protectant/systemic fungicide used to control black scurf in potatoes.

Product Profile

Active substance 20.0 g/kg penflufen
Formulation Powder
Pack Size 2 kg
Water Volume
Buffer Zone None
MAPP 17280

Important Information

Crops Potato (seed)
Max. individual dose 1.0 kg of product per tonne of seed tubers
Max. number of treatments
One per batch
Latest time of application
Before or at planting
Other specific restrictions
Treated tubers may only be planted in the same field once every 3 years.
Applications to potato seed must not exceed 100g penflufen per hectare.
Sowing of treated seed must not exceed a maximum planting density of 5 T per hectare.
Treated seed must not be used for food or feed.
Sacks containing treated seed must not be re-used for food or feed.


This product must only be applied using automated powder dispensing equipment fitted on an automatic planter.


Why you need Emesto Prime

Rhizoctonia can exist freely in soils, but disease infection can also take place from sclerotia present on seed tubers. Emesto Prime is primarily used for control of tuber-borne inoculum.

Emesto Prime is the new improved tuber treatment bringing a 7% improvement in performance over the previous best standard.


It also comes with the following benefits:

  • Extremely effective against all symptoms of Rhizoctonia solani
    - Control of Black Scurf
    - Improved Tuber size distribution
    - Reduction in stem and stolon canker
  • Boosts emergence, crop stand and yield
  • Useful activity against silver scurf infection (Helminthosporum solani)
  • Useful suppression of mycelium of Alternaria Solani
  • Very safe to the crop

In trials its new improved performance and excellent activity against R.solani has been demonstrated in salad crops where a good skin finish is vital to meet market specifications

The photographs below are of treated and untreated digs taken on 22nd August from a trial in Cambridgeshire on salad variety Maris Peer. Emesto Prime treatment has clearly protected the potato plants from stolon pruning thereby maximising tuber counts and yield. A market tolerance of 0.75% for black scurf has been used.



When and how to apply

Seed Tubers should be dry, free of soil deposits and treated with Emesto Prime DS at planting using a suitable metered powder dispenser appropriately calibrated to account for the seed tuber size and planting rate.

Emesto may be applied directly onto the tubers using powder metering units fitted to the cup-feed planter hopper
 or belt feeder e.g. Team Sprayers Powder Applicator (on-planter). Applicator manufacturers should be consulted as to the suitability of individual machines for use with Emesto Prime and the appropriate machine setting to ensure the correct application rate relative to tuber size is achieved. This method of application reduces risk of operator exposure.



If seed tubers become damp from light rain, the distribution of Emesto Prime on the tubers at planting should not be affected. If, however, a rain shower interrupts planting, the tubers in the hopper should be covered in accordance with normal practice.


Potato planting is a dusty operation, particularly in windy weather. The use of Emesto Prime may add to this problem and operators must wear a dust mask (conforming to EN 149 FFP2 or EN 149 FFP3) when handling the powder formulation, filling the hopper and when riding on the planter.

Use of treated tubers

Treated tubers may only be used as seed. They must not be used for human or animal consumption.

Growers are advised to carefully check seed tuber health before applying Emesto Prime. Potato seed tubers to be treated with seed treatments, including Emesto Prime, should be of good quality and vigour (i.e. free from conditions such as bacterial rots, physical damage, virus infection, etc.). Crop establishment may be impaired where seed is affected by the conditions above, irrespective of any subsequent seed treatment application.

Tuber handling damage

Any damage occurring to tubers or sprouts/chits during handling, treatment or planting may adversely affect their subsequent performance and cropping.

It is good agricultural practice to allow seed tubers coming out of cold store to achieve ambient temperature before planting in to cold and/or wet seedbeds.

Other seed treatments / Compatibility

Emesto should not be used on seed tubers which have previously been treated with a dry powder seed treatment or where hot water treatment is used.

There are no Bayer recommendations for the use of Emesto Prime in conjunction with any seed tuber treatment.

Check with Bayer or your supplier before use of any other chemical in sequence with Emesto Prime at planting.


Resistance management

The possible development of disease strains resistant to Emesto Prime cannot be excluded or predicted. Where such resistant strains occur, Emesto Prime is unlikely to give satisfactory control.



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