Raxil Star

Raxil Star is your solution for consistent, high grain quality in winter barley. It helps ensure excellent establishment and improves crop performance with control of loose smut and leaf stripe, as well as activity against Fusarium and Microdochium.

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Why Raxil Star

  • Controls seed-borne net blotch, loose smut, leaf stripe and covered smut
  • Gives strong leaf and root mass
  • Reduces Fusarium and Microdochium seedling blight and stem-base browning
  • Helps reduce chemical use – low application dose
  • Maximises yield – drill up to the field margins

See what top growers say

David Lemon

“Raxil Star is designed for specialists like us.” Find out why this Wiltshire-based barley grower insists on Raxil Star seed treatment.

John Weir

“Our customers insist on the best quality.” Hear why this Fife-based grower relies on Raxil Star seed treatment.

Update on loose smut from Agrii

“UK Seed Certification has gone a long way to ensure that spring barley diseases like loose smut aren’t a major problem.

However, at Agrii, we’re beginning to see greater incidence of loose smut caused by Ustilago nuda fsp. hordei. The disease is easy to spot at ear emergence. But by then the damage has been done to the crop.

We’d recommend using specialist seed treatments such as Raxil Star to avoid loose smut and other seed- and soil-borne diseases, particularly as progressively fewer control options are available. Raxil Star’s broad-spectrum protection is vital for professional growers who rely on consistent grain quality.”

David Leaper, Seed Technical Manager, Agrii.