Monceren DS contains pencycuron and is our market-leading potato tuber treatment for the control of Rhizoctonia solani.

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Product Overview

(Active substances: Monceren DS - pencycuron)

Monceren DS contains pencycuron and is our market-leading potato tuber treatment for the control of Rhizoctonia solani. It is formulated as a powder to give you maximum application flexibility. Monceren DS is the leading product available whether your market is pre-pack, processing or seed potatoes.

Why Monceren?

Monceren DS delivers class-leading control of Rhizoctonia solani. It is active against the most common strains of Rhizoctonia solani in the UK potato crop. Monceren is easy to apply and increases marketable yield and processing quality.

Main advantages

  • Easy to apply
  • Proven safety and efficacy
  • Reduces gappy and uneven crop emergence
  • Produces more consistent tuber size and shape and clean, bright skin finish
  • Increases marketable yield
  • Improves processing quality
  • Monceren reduces Rhizoctonia contamination of clean land
  • Active against many Rhizoctonia strains especially AG2.1 and AG3, the most common strains in the UK potato crop
  • Monceren DS helps earlies to bulk faster

Getting the best from Monceren

To get the best from the product, apply Monceren DS at or before planting. Monceren DS is very flexible and robust treatments that can be applied by any of the established dry powder application methods.

By hand applied to chitting trays sprinkled over the surface.  To bulk boxes and hoppers, where it must be sprinkled in layers.

Using a dry powder applicator fixed on the planter ensures that there is no waste. Any powder that does not stick to the tubers falls through the planter into the furrow where it is mixed with the soil and helps to reduce the effects of soil-borne Rhizoctonia.

Important things to remember

  • Wear the appropriate protective clothing when manually treating seed or loading the applicator hopper
  • Ensure that any spilt treated tubers are cleared up or buried
  • Dispose of used product packs in a safe way
  • Read the product label before use
  • Ensure that bulk boxes used for treated seed tubers are not used to store ware crops
  • Ensure that any sprouts are not so long that they could get damaged in the planter
  • Do not apply to damaged or cut tubers
  • Do not feed treated tubers to humans or animals

Monceren as part of a programme

Monceren DS can be used on seed tubers pre-treated with Fungazil 100 SL* (imazalil) or Magnate 100 SL** (imazalil), but not with any other seed treatments applied following storage. Use of Monceren DS in sequence with Amistar*** (azoxystrobin) soil treatment is at grower’s risk.

* Registered trademark of BASF
** Registered trademark of Makhteshim Agan UK Ltd
*** Register trademark of Syngenta Ltd