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Product Overview

(Active substances: deltamethrin)

decis is our broad spectrum pyrethroid insecticide that can be used on a wide range of crops including oilseed rape, beans, peas, cereals and vegetables. decis controls aphids, caterpillars and a range of other pests.

Why decis?

Because decis is a unique single-isomer pyrethroid, it is not only highly effective, but is selective and can be used at lower rates. It will not harm beneficials such as lacewings and will not affect bees if used at the right rates and at the right time. decis also has a longer duration of activity to ensure the maximum protection for your crop. Unlike many other pyrethroids, decis is specifically approved for use in flowering crops.

Main advantages

  • Can be used on a very wide range of crops
  • Effective against all kinds of insects
  • Selective for beneficials
  • Safe for bees when used at the right time and right rate
  • Can be used in flowering crops
  • Can be used with a wide range of tank-mixes

Getting the best from decis

To get the best from decis it is important that you spray at the appropriate threshold both for the crop and the insect pest in question (See product manual for further information).

Important things to remember

Remember - Bee safe, bee careful

  • Spray in the evening or very early morning when fewer bees are foraging
  • Take care to prevent drift towards hives in the treated field
  • Avoid triazole fungicide tank-mixes if treating flowering crops
  • Give local beekeepers as much notice as possible