biopower is our adjuvant for use with Atlantis WG and Pacifica.

Because these products act primarily via uptake by the leaves of susceptible weeds, the use of an adjuvant increases uptake. This increased uptake not only enhances the rainfastness of Atlantis WG and Pacifica, but also increases the reliability of the performance under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Our trials have demonstrated that biopower consistently outperforms other adjuvants in increasing the efficacy of Atlantis WG and Pacifica and in enhancing consistency of performance from season to season. These trials have also shown that the use of some adjuvants can be detrimental to the efficacy of these products.

Use biopower at 1 L/ha in order to maximise the efficacy and rainfastness of Atlantis WG and Pacifica.

ALWAYS add biopower to the spray-tank last. Switch off the induction bowl immediately after adding biopower since this can introduce air into the spray-tank and result in excessive foaming.