MaisTer WG

Weeds controlled

S = Susceptible (limited field trials)
MS = Moderately susceptible (limited field trials)
MR = Moderately resistant
R = Resistant

† Control may be variable
‡ Control of shoot growth only
* For improved control tank-mix with Buctril

Weeds in bold = Approved label claim
Non-bold weeds = Control achieved in field trials with latest stage controlled where adequate data is available

Grass-weeds Maister WG 150 g/ha + Mero 2L/ha
(latest stage controlled)
Annual meadow-grass S (Before GS 30)
Barnyard grass (Cockspur grass) S (3 leaf)
Black-grass S (4 leaf)
Bristle-grasses (Setaria spp.) MS (2 leaf)
Common millet S
Couch grass ‡ S (15 cm)
Creeping bent-grass S (4 leaf)
Hairy finger-grass (Digitaria) MR
Rough stalked meadow-grass S
Rye-grass (from seed) S (4 leaf)
Volunteer cereals S (4 leaf)
Wild oats S (4 leaf)
Broad-leaved weeds Maister WG 150 g/ha + Mero 2L/ha
(latest stage controlled)
Annual mercury S
Black-nightshade †,* S (8 leaf)
Black-bindweed * MR (2 leaf)
Chickweed S (5 cm diameter)
Charlock S (4 leaf)
Cleavers S (2 whorl)
Common Amaranth S
Common Orache * S (2 leaf)
Crane’s-bill, cut leaved MS (4 leaf)
Crane’s-bill, dove’s-foot MS (4 leaf)
Dead-nettle, Red S (4 leaf)
Docks (seedling) S (2 leaf)
Fat-hen S (8 leaf)
Fumitory MS (2 leaf)
Groundsel S (4 leaf)
Goosefoot, Mapleleaf S (4 leaf)
Horsetail MR
Knotgrass S (6 leaf)
Mayweed, Scented S (6 leaf)
Nettle, Small S (4 leaf)
Oilseed Rape, volunteer S (6 leaf)
Pale Persicaria * S (4 leaf)
Pansy MS (4 leaf)
Potatoes, Volunteer MS
Redshank S (4 leaf)
Runch/Wild Radish S
Scarlet pimpernel S
Shepherd’s Purse S (6 leaf)
Sowthistle S
Speedwell, Common Field * MS (2 leaf)
Speedwell, Ivy-leaved R
Thistles ‡ S (4 leaf)