MaisTer WG

Grass-weed control in maize

MaisTer WG 150 g/ha + Mero 2L/ha was sprayed across our grass-weed screen at Chishill, Cambs on 17.3.14. The black-grass had been drilled the previous autumn and was GS 25 +. This photograph taken on 16.4.14 shows excellent control of grass-weeds, especially black-grass.

Three strains of black-grass were used – Rothamsted Sensitive, Peldon (EMR resistant) and a particularly high ALS-resistant strain collected from Northamptonshire. Control has been good across all strains whereas typical cereal herbicides programmes struggled to control the Northants strain.

Control of cereals, wild oats, rye-grass and annual meadow-grass has been excellent and all at growth stages well above label recommended growth stages.

Foramsulfuron, the key active ingredient in Maister WG, is a useful tool in the battle against black-grass. Now that so much maize is grown for use in AD plants in arable areas of the country, black-grass control in maize can give an important break in cereal rotations.

Weed screen 3
Weed screen 2