MaisTer WG

Farm trial photos

Black-nightshade control

Nightshade control 2Maister WG 150g/ha + Mero 2L/ha
Nightshade controlUntreated

Bayer contract trials 2005

Farm user trial - Shropshire


Farm user trial - ShropshireFarm user trial - Shropshire
  • Date of application: 6.6.13
  • MaisTer WG 150 g/ha + Mero 2L/ha
  • Photo 12.7.13 showing untreated strip
  • Weeds controlled: rye-grass, w/oats, AMG, mayweed, fat-hen, B/Bindweed, knotgrass, F/Pansy, docks, chickweed, charlock, crane’s-bill

Farm user trial - Suffolk

Farm user trial - SuffolkFarm user trial - Suffolk
  • Date of application: 19.6.13
  • MaisTer WG 150 g/ha + Mero 2L/ha
  • Photo 4 weeks after application showing untreated strip. Weeds controlled: crane’s-bill, fat hen, nettles, thistles, couch and volunteer potatoes