Atlantis WG

As the leading post-emergence herbicide for use on black-grass in winter wheat, we recommend that you put Atlantis WG at the centre of your black–grass control strategy. Used as part of a programme – preferably in the autumn – it offers good control of both black-grass and rye-grass.

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Product Overview

(Active substances: mesosulfuron-methyl and iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium)

Why Atlantis WG for Black-Grass Control?

A combination of chemical and cultural control is needed to effectively deal with black-grass. Used correctly, as part of a programme and together with cultural control, Atlantis WG offers the best post-emergent black-grass control available. It is also effective on rye-grass, mayweed and chickweed. Research has shown that using Atlantis WG can reduce losses due to black-grass by as much as five tonnes per hectare. 

Watch this short video where Ben Giles talks about Atlantis WG and its place in your black-grass control programme.

Main advantages

  • Most effective post-emergence herbicide for treating black-grass and rye-grass in winter wheat
  • Also controls some broad-leaved weeds
  • Most effective when used as part of a programme
  • Dust-free granular formulation
  • Excellent pouring properties
  • Easy to transfer to the sprayer and easy to clean
  • Winter oilseed rape (after ploughing), winter wheat and winter barley may be drilled the following autumn
  • Spring oilseed rape, sugar beet, spring wheat and spring barley may be drilled the following spring

Getting the best from Atlantis WG

To get the best out of Atlantis WG, we recommend that you use it as part of a programme on small, actively-growing weeds in the autumn. The use of a suitable adjuvant increases the uptake of Atlantis WG by the leaves of the susceptible weeds. We recommend our adjuvant biopower, which has consistently outperformed other adjuvants in improving the performance of Atlantis WG. It is also important to avoid complex tank-mixes.

Important things to remember

  • Always use as part of a programme
  • When used before February, tank-mix with an effective residual partner
  • Don’t use alongside chlorpyrifos as this may result in crop damage
  • Pay close attention to application including: water volume, spray quality (fine to medium), boom height and make sure you get good weed coverage
  • Remember you can only use one ALS grass-weed product such as Atlantis WG on the same crop

Atlantis WG as part of a programme

We advise you to always use Atlantis WG as part of a programme. This should include cultural controls such as the use of stale seedbeds, as well as an effective non-ALS pre-emergence herbicide such as Liberator (flufenacet and diflufenican). Atlantis WG works best when applied to actively-growing small weeds in the autumn. It should be tank-mixed with an effective residual partner.