Sparticus Xpro product summary

Formulation Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack size 5L
Active substances

75 g/L (7.4% w/w) bixafen

110 g/L (10.9% w/w) prothioconazole

90 g/L (8.9% w/w) tebuconazole

Maximum individual dose

Winter and spring wheat, triticale and winter rye: 1.25 L product/ha

Oilseed rape: 1.0 L product/ha

Maximum number of treatments
Two per crop
Chemical group
A mixture of two triazoles (prothioconazole and tebuconazole) and an SDHI (bixafen)
Crops Winter and spring wheat, triticale, winter rye and winter oilseed rape
Latest timing of application

Winter and spring wheat, triticale and winter rye: Before grain milky ripe stage

Oilseed rape: 56 days before harvest



Diseases controlled

Wheat and triticale: Eyespot (wheat only - reduction of the incidence and severity), Septoria (leaf and glume blotch), powdery mildew, yellow rust, brown rust, tan spot (in wheat), ear disease complex (Fusarium ear blight) and reduction of sooty moulds

Rye: Powdery mildew, brown rust, Rhynchosporium

Winter oilseed rape: Light leaf spot, Phoma leaf spot/stem canker and Sclerotinia stem rot