Using Rudis and Nativo 75WG programmes to ensure quality and yields.


Example programme

Disease at T1:

Rudis Nativo - carrots 2017

If the crop is disease-free, apply Nativo 75WG first.


  Rudis Nativo 75WG
Rate of use: 0.4 L/ha 0.3 kg/ha
Max number of doses per crop: 3 3

Rudis must only be used on carrots that are to be mechanically harvested.

The first application is recommended before disease establishes in the crop. Follow with further applications of Rudis or Nativo 75WG at a typical spray interval of 14 days according to disease pressure. You may apply Rudis or Nativo 75WG three times each per crop. A minimum of 21 days between applications is required when using the same product in a block spray.

Apply Nativo 75WG at the end of a programme for lasting crop protection and better storage.

Sclerotinia control:

Use a disease forecasting system to time the first application before disease establishes itself in the crop – typically prior to canopy closure in June-July. This is particularly important for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum control to ensure all leaves are adequately protected before the microclimate under the crop canopy becomes optimal for spore release from soil-germinating fungal bodies.

Rudis is the strongest available curative choice for Sclerotinia*.

*BCS trial: N. Yorks, 2008. Variety: Nairobi. Assessed as % area infected.

Alternaria control:

To reduce Alternaria infection on the leaves, apply Nativo 75WG or Rudis early-mid August, or when first signs of disease appear on the foliage after the 5 true leaf stage of the crop (GS 15) if earlier than early-mid August.

Where curative activity against Alternaria leaf blight is required, mixing with an approved sticker/wetter adjuvant may enhance the activity of Nativo 75WG.

Resistance management:

Nativo 75WG contains trifloxystrobin, a member of the Qol group. In accordance with FRAC guidelines for pre-mix Qol fungicides, the number of applications of Qol-containing products should be no more than 50% of the spray programme.

Rudis contains prothioconazole, a member of the DMI group.

Use Rudis and Nativo 75WG as part of an Integrated Crop Management (ICM) strategy incorporating other methods of control, including where appropriate other fungicides with a different mode of action.