Proline 275 Product summary

Formulation Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack size 5L
Active substances 275 g/L (27.5% w/w) prothioconazole
Maximum individual dose

Cereals: 0.72 L product/ha

Oilseed rape: 0.63 L product/ha

Maximum number of treatments

Wheat & rye (winter), durum wheat: 2.16 L product/ha

Barley: 1.44 L product/ha

Oats: 1.44 L product/ha

Oilseed rape: 1.26 L product/ha

Chemical group
A triazole (prothioconazole) fungicide
Crops Winter and spring wheat, durum wheat, winter rye, winter and spring barley, winter and spring oats and winter oilseed rape
Latest timing of application

Wheat & rye (winter), durum wheat: Before grain milky ripe stage

Barley and oats: Up to beginning of flowering

Oilseed rape: 56 days before harvest

Diseases controlled

Wheat: Eyespot, Septoria (leaf and glume blotch), powdery mildew, yellow rust, brown rust*, tan spot*, ear disease complex - Fusarium ear blight* (reduction of deoxynivalenol) and reduction of sooty moulds

Rye: Eyespot, powdery mildes, brown rust and Rynchosporium

Oats: Eyespot, crown rust and mildew

Winter oilseed rape: Light leaf spot*, Phoma leaf spot and stem canker and Sclerotinia stem rot.

*Proline275 will provide moderate control of these diseases