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Luna Sensation gives effective control of key strawberry fungal diseases on leaves and fruit, as well as post-harvest rots. Check the product label for full details.

Why you need Luna Sensation

Powdery mildew

Protected crops can be highly susceptible. Initially, powdery mildew attacks younger leaves, reducing yield potential. It can also be found on flowers and fruit and is most damaging during warm and humid weather without excess leaf wetness.

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Potentially affecting all parts of the plant above ground, Botrytis is most commonly seen as a fruit rot that causes losses during storage. It typically infects during flowering and flourishes in warm, humid conditions.

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Soft rots in fruit

Caused by Rhizopus and Mucor, soft rots mainly result in significant losses during storage but also on ripe fruit in the field. It is, however, very difficult to differentiate between the two diseases.

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Other diseases

Gnomonia leaf blotch
Petiole blight

Activity spectrum

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Powdery mildew: class-leading control

Luna Sensation reduces disease on mature leaves and protects new growth.

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Botrytis: proven reduction

Luna Sensation delivers consistently strong performance.

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Soft rots: valuable reduction

Luna Sensation shows efficacy against Rhizopus and/or Mucor.

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