Firefly 155 product summary

Formulation Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack size 10L
Active substances

110g/L prothioconazole

45g/L fluoxastrobin

Maximum individual dose

Wheat and rye: 1.5L product/ha

Oats: 1.25L product/ha

Maximum total dose

Wheat and rye: 3.0L proudct/ha

Oats: 2.5L product/ha

Chemical group
A mixture of a triazole (prothioconazole) and a strobilurin (fluoxastrobin)

Winter and spring wheat, winter rye.

Winter and spring oats

Latest timing of application

Winter and spring wheat and winter rye: Before grain milky ripe stage

Oats: Up to beginning of anthesis

Diseases controlled

Wheat: Eyespot (reduction of incidence and severity), Septoria leaf and glume blotch, powdery mildew, yellow rust and brown rust

Rye: Eyespot (reduction of the incidence and severity), powdery mildew, brown rust, Rhynchosporium

Oats: Eyespot (reduction of the incidence and severity)