Fenomenal combines the power of fenamidone and fosetyl-aluminium to control soil-borne Phytophthora – crown/collar rot – in strawberries. It is now approved for drip irrigation.

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Product Overview

(Active substances: fenamidone and fosetyl-aluminium)

Fenomenal combines the power of fenamidone and fosetyl-aluminium to control soil-borne Phytophthora  crown/collar rot  in strawberries.

Its curative and protectant disease control is boosted by stimulation of the plant’s natural defences. Used early as a dip followed by a drench, and now drip irrigation, Fenomenal gives your plants an outstanding start.

Why Fenomenal?

Phytophthora species can kill or greatly reduce the vigour, quality and productivity of strawberry plants. Plants in regularly saturated soils are at highest risk of infection. Early treatment with a fungicide is essential in high-risk situations as treatments are most effective in a preventative regime.

Main advantages

  • Flexible application timing
  • Flexible application options: dip, drench, drip irrigation or spray
  • Built-in resistance management
  • Stimulates plants’ natural defence mechanisms
  • Promotes root growth

Getting the best from Fenomenal


Fenomenal may be applied to strawberries via pre-transplantation dip, post-transplantation drench, drip irrigation or foliar spray. The best protection is achieved with early treatment e.g. dip followed by drench. Maximum number of applications is 2 per year – including a maximum of only 1 foliar spray per year.

For ful details on application, download the user guide above.

Important things to remember

Resistance management

Apply fungicides according to manufacturers’ recommendations for the target disease (or complex) at the specific crop growth stage indicated. Effective disease management is a critical parameter in delaying the build-up of resistant pathogen populations. Fenomenal is best used preventatively and should not be relied on for its curative potential.

Fenomenal as part of a programme

Use Fenomenal as part of an Integrated Crop Management (ICM) strategy incorporating other methods of control including, where appropriate, other fungicides with a different mode of action. Use of fungicides with different modes of action has been shown to protect against the development of resistant forms of disease.