Consento provides you with control of blight and protection from early infections of Alternaria during the rapid growth stage of your potato crop. It combines the protectant and translaminar action of fenamidone with the systemic and protectant properties of propamocarb.

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Product Overview

(Active substances: fenamidone + propamocarb hydrochloride)

Why Consento?

Consento is the only blight fungicide combining systemic activity against the current aggressive blight strains with the protection against early infections of Alternaria.  Consento provides the full systemic protection for new leaf and stem growth against blight needed during the rapid canopy growth phase.  In addition the fenamidone component provides good activity against Alternaria and the early protection against this disease reduces the need for costly specific Alternaria treatments later in the programme.

Main advantages

  • Provides full systemic protection of new leaf and stem growth during the rapid canopy growth stage
  • Controls all disease strains including phenylamide resistant
  • Active at many stages of the blight lifecycle, especially direct germination
  • Provides activity against Alternaria
  • Easy-to-use liquid formulation
  • Rainfast protection after one hour
  • Can be used on all varieties including seed and processing crops

Getting the best from Consento

To get the best performance from Consento, it should be used as part of a programme of correctly-timed sprays. Late blight control must start early in the season and failure to treat blight at this stage can result in severe yield losses.  The first spray should be applied as soon as there is a risk of Late blight infection i.e. when a Blight Infection Period (Smith Period) has occurred or a warning has been issued. In the absence of any warning, protectant spraying should commence just before the crop meets along the row.

Use only as a protectant treatment at a rate of 2 L/ha and repeat the application after seven days.

Important things to remember

  • Consento is designed for use as part of a programme, during the rapid phase of growth
  • Apply only to dry foliage, do not apply if rainfall or irrigation is imminent. Rainfastness is one hour provided the spray has dried on the leaf
  • Avoid drift to areas outside those being sprayed
  • Avoid extending spray intervals in high risk situations (on irrigated crops or when active blight is present in the area and further Blight Infection Periods occur)
  • Do not use Consento when blight has become visible (1 per cent leaf are destroyed)

Follow resistance guidelines:

  • Consento contains fenamidone, a QoI fungicide. Should more than one Late blight product containing QoI fungicide be used in a programme, then these restrictions apply to all QoI containing products. Do not apply more than six applications of QoI containing product to any potato crop.
  • Consento should be used in single or block applications in alternation with fungicides from a different cross-resistance group. The maximum number of consecutive applications is three. Consento should make up no more than half of the intended applications in the programme
  • In addition, and before application, consult and adhere to the latest FRAG-UK resistance guidance on application of QoI fungicides

Consento as part of a programme

Consento v Infinito

Consento should be used as part of a programme to control Late blight in conjunction with a product such as Infinito (fluopicolide and propamocarb hydrochloride), which can be used during mid to late season. Consento can be applied during the rapid growth stage to build in early protection.

Consento Product Summary

Active ingredients 75 g/L fenamidone + 375 g/L propamocarb hydrochloride
Formulation Suspension concentrate
Pack size 5 litres
Maximum individual dose 2 L/ha
Maximum total dose/crop 12 L/ha
Maximum number of treatments 6 per crop (no more than 50% of intended spray 
programme and up to 3 sequential sprays in a block)
Rainfastness 1 hour (providing spray has dried on leaf)
Harvest interval 7 days
Water volume 200 - 400 L/ha
LERAP Category B