Product summary


Ascra Xpro is a foliar fungicide product containing two SDHI active ingredients and leading azole prothioconazole, which all combine to provide class-leading control of Septoria tritici in wheat at the T2 spray timing. Ascra Xpro also provides excellent control of yellow and brown rust, Fusarium inoculum and mildew. The product can increase chlorophyll content and photosynthesis and improve rooting and drought stress tolerance in treated crops, resulting in yield increases even in the absence of disease.

Pack size


Active substances

65 g/L (6.4% w/w) bixafen

65 g/L (6.4% w/w) fluopyram

130 g/L (12.7% w/w) prothioconazole

Maximum individual dose

1.5 L/ha

Maximum total dose

3 L/ha

Chemical group

A mixture of two SDHIs (fluopyram and bixafen) and an azole (prothioconazole).



Latest timing of application

Up to beginning of flowering (BBCH 61)



Diseases controlled

Eyespot*, Septoria (leaf and glume blotch), powdery mildew, yellow rust, brown rust, tan spot and ear disease complex* (Fusarium ear blight).

*Reduction in incidence and severity