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DK Exclaim

The Unsung Hero

DK Exclaim is a hybrid that has performed consistently well in DEKALB trials throughout Northern Europe. It has shown very high yield potential and features pod shatter resistance, double phoma resistance, excellent light leaf spot resistance and very high lodging resistance. 

Key Traits

Double Phoma Resistance

Double Phoma Resistance
"The combination of the RLM7 gene and Polygenic resistance provides durable protection against Phoma and outstanding resistance to the yield damaging stem canker."

Pod Shatter Resistance

Pod Shatter Resistance
Genetic resistance that minimises yield loss and volunteer issues caused by seed-shedding up to, and during, harvest

Vigorous Establishment

Vigorous Establishment
The ability to establish robust, well rooted plants that are best able to cope with challenging UK conditions.


Good Light Leaf Spot
Solid polygenic resistance providing a good level of protection from this important OSR disease.


Recommendations for Growers

  • Medium-Rapid Autumn growth habit – suitable for early drilling to early September
  • Seed rate should target an even plant stand of 25-30 plants/m2 in spring
  • Double phoma resistance means phoma leaf spot thresholds for treatment may not be met until later in the autumn if at all.
  • Light Leaf Spot should be monitored but strong resistance reduces the risk of severe infections.
  • Ensure the Green Area Index is accurately determined at the start of spring growth to guide appropriate nitrogen rates for optimal canopy size. Lodging risk with DK Exclaim is low but there may be a benefit from PGR use to optimise the canopy structure.
  • Pod Shatter Resistance reduces the risk of seed losses approaching and during harvest and will protect the crop where harvest is delayed


Richard Wainwright from North Yorkshire talks about their standout variety, DK Exclaim


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