Yorkshire fog

Holcus lanatus

Tufted softgrass, Velvet grass


Very common and widespread on a broad range of soil types. Not usually an arable problem but may spread in set-aside ground. Of some value for grazing when young.


Tufted very hairy perennial 20-100 cm. Veins of basal leaf sheaths are pinkish-red. Flower heads are whitish, pale green, pinkish or purple. No rhizomes.


Yourkshire fog 1Medium: 1- 4mm. Blunt and hairy.










Auricles: Absent.

Leaf blade: Pale greyish-green narrowing to a fine point. Very hairy and velvet to touch. Rolled.

Yorkshire fog 2
Yorkshire fog 3
Yorkshire fog - youngYorkshire fog - seedling.
Yorkshire fog ligule photoYorkshire fog ligule.




Yorkshire fog - matureYorkshire fog flower heads.